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Naturally Leavened Bread

French Inspired Pastries

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Simple. Natural. Delicious.

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Naturally Leavened Bread
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French Inspired Pastries
 naturally leavened


Bread should be simple. Flour. Water. Salt. 


Our process is slow, using natural leaven (also known as wild yeast) and traditional methods. Each loaf is fermented several days to produce a rich flavourful crumb with a thick caramelized crust.

All of our breads are made with whole grains, sourced from Canadian farms. Many of our grains are organic and milled onsite in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. No additives are ever used. 

 french inspired


We believe in making everything from scratch with high quality ingredients. All of our pastries are made onsite by our amazing team of bakers. We use 100% real butter and the freshest ingredients. We couldn't imagine using anything else.


We take advantage of the best local seasonal ingredients to create delicious pastries. 

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