Our Team

We are passionate about great bread and pastries. As baking became more than a hobby, we left successful careers and set off to discover the secrets to French bread and pastry at the prestigious Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris, France. Traveling through Europe, immersing ourselves in the culture, while sampling countless pastries and baguettes, inspired us to return to Vancouver and start The Bench Bakehouse.


We now have a team of amazing bakers who also believe in making everything from scratch. Our open concept bakery allows customers to see our bakers doing what they do best!




We believe in making everything from scratch with fresh, high quality ingredients. All of our breads are made with whole grains, sourced from Canadian farms. The majority of our grains are organic and often milled onsite in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. There are never any additives in our breads. Our process is slow, using natural leaven (also known as wild yeast) and slowly fermenting each loaf over several days. The result is a very flavourful crumb and thick caramelized crust.